2 Year Anniversary

Attention Institute Personnel!

Two years ago today, the Templin Institute launched on YouTube. Unfortunately, due to our commitments this year at DragonCon and our ongoing efforts as part of Operation Thundershark, I mean Templin 2.0, we can’t celebrate this milestone in the manner I would have liked.

What I can do though is give you a slightly more detailed overview as to what 2.0 is. I’ve been looking at Templin 2.0 like a complete relaunch and our aim is to have it encompass every aspect of the Templin Institute. YouTube, Twitch, Teespring, Discord, Patreon, as part of 2.0 all these elements will be either redesigned from the ground up or reworked to include features you’ve let us know are important to you.

A lot of the work going into Thundershark is to help make the backend run smoother for us. Right now, with the way our editing pipeline works, episodes can be difficult to edit and when things go bad, it can mean hours of extra work trying to fix weird glitches and bugs. By utilizing everything we’ve learned over the past year, we can simplify the whole process and get back up to our regular two episode a week schedule.

But that’s not to say there won’t be some noticeable differences. Every Templin show; Incoming, Dossier, Atlas, High Command, etc, is going to get a visual update. Our Twitch streams too will be redesigned to make the heads up display a bit more mobile friendly and hopefully everything will just look cooler too.

One of the most exciting things about the Templin Institute is that I feel there’s really no limit to what it can become. When this channel first launched, additional shows, a Stellaris miniseries, conventions, Twitch streaming, none of these things were part of the plan. We’ve managed to achieve all this in just two years thanks to your support and I can’t wait to see where the Templin Institute goes from here. We already have a ton of cool ideas. Templin 2.0 is the first step on that path. Our engines are all revved up, the irons are hot, the metaphors are mixed and it’s time to start making some real progress.

Thanks everyone so much for being a part of the Institute!