Investigating Alternate Worlds


Templin Institute

Investigating Alternate Worlds


Show Schedule


Templin Mainline - Mondays 1pm mt

Every Monday the Templin Institute investigates nations, organizations and factions of alternate worlds through comprehensive documentaries detailing their history, governance and society. 

Templin Rotating Series

The Templin Institute rotates between our various spin off shows unlocked by our Patrons, each focusing on a different aspect of alternate worlds. 


Templin Streams

Three times a week the Templin Institute streams games relevant to the topics and themes we cover, awnser questions, and just have a pretty good time.


Streaming Schedule


Grand Strategy Saturdays

Saturdays 2pm mt

Every Saturday the Templin Institute embarks on a grand campaign in one of our favorite Grand Strategy games.  

Wildcard Wednesdays

Wednesdays 7pm mt

On Wednesdays, we stream a wild assortment of games with reckless abandon. 

Fuck You It's Friday

Fridays 7pm MT

On Fridays, Larissa plays through some of the games she missed over the past decade... which is more or less all of them. 



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It's been through the generosity of the Patrons that the Templin Institute has been able to bring you content from alternate worlds each and every week. If you'd like to directly support the Institute, and get some cool rewards while you're at it, be sure to check us out on Patreon. 


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If you’d like to offer your support to The Templin Institute directly, you can send a one time donation here.