Investigating Alternate Worlds


Investigating the organizations, figures, and places of alternate worlds. The Templin Institute provides in-depth analyses of popular science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history works from across video games, movies, novels, and television.  

In addition to our Youtube content, The Templin Institute also streams three times a week on Twitch, playing a variety of games from Grand Strategy campaigns to story-driven roleplaying games and a random assortment of other genres. 

The Templin Institute is based in Canada. Or in an undisclosed interdimensional facility. 

If you have fan mail you’d like to send to us, you can use this address:

The Templin Institute
PO Box 60421 Fraser PO
Vancouver, BC V5w 4B5


The Team

Larissa on her day off.

Larissa on her day off.


Larissa Thompson

"The Voice of the Institute"

Co-Founder | CEO


Larissa started her career developing her own short films and working on big-budget productions across British Columbia such as The Flash and Arrow. The systematic yet flexible management style that made Larissa such an efficient producer has helped transform The Templin Institute from a YouTube channel to a true community and business, while her acting skills have continued to entertain and surprise. Outside of The Institute, Larissa is the producer and narrator of the science fiction/fantasy short story audio magazine The Centropic Oracle. When not acting, she maintains a strange obsession with sourdough bread, craft beer, and wandering through tranquil castles across the world.


Marc Gerst

"The Man Behind the Curtain"

Co-Founder | Creative Director

While attending classes at the Center for Arts and Technology and later the University of Lethbridge, Marc worked as freelance videographer, covering everything from the Agricultural Industry or Australia to the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road in Nunavut. His own projects included several short films and the highly anticipated Sins of a Solar Empire mod Dawn of Victory, where he developed his skills as a graphic designer. These days, Marc writes and edits for the Templin Institute from the comfort of his underground bunker network located deep within the Earth’s mantle

Marc, or someone close enough as makes no difference.

Marc, or someone close enough as makes no difference.