Long Live The Templin Commissary!

Okay, let’s start with the most important stuff first. The Templin Commissary, our online store, will be shutting down at the end of October. However, as part of Templin 2.0 (aka Operation: Thundershark) we’ll be launching a bigger and hopefully better place to get official Templin merchandise. So… the Templin Commissary is dead, long live the Templin Commissary. 

Why are we doing this? Well, selling cool Templin branded stuff was always an exciting idea, but a challenging one too. Before we could go all-in, we needed to test the waters, to see if we were capable of running an online store and if there was even interest in the types of products we could offer. The answer to both those questions (thank god) has been a resounding “kinda!”. We’ve learned a lot from running the Templin Commissary, and we’re confident that Templin 2.0 is a great opportunity to take it to the next level. 


The most noticeable change you’ll see in the Templin Commissary, besides the redesigned website, is there’s a lot more products available. We’ll have three collections on launch, the aptly named Templin Collection, Thundershark Collection, and the Greater Terran Union collection. We’re particularly happy with how we’ve integrated the different branches, Atlas, Dossier, etc. into the aforementioned Templin collection. If you’d like to fully outfit yourself as a member of specific branch within the Templin Institute, you’ll be able to do it. I don’t know how many people would recognize you if you decided to cosplay as member of the Templin Institute’s Bestiary division, but the option is there! 

We’ve also finally added something people have been yelling at us about for a while; official Templin Institute socks. Wait, no, I mean flags. That’s right, not only will you be able to purchase the official state banner of the Greater Terran Union, you’ll also be able to get any or all of the flags of its terrestrial commissariats. 18 designs in all, that’s a lot of flags. 


Less exciting, but still important, are some of the changes we’ve made to how the store operates. Rather than relying on one print on demand service, we’ve partnered with a few, ensuring we can get you the best version of whatever we’re selling. If you don’t trust us, and why would you, we’re also adding a review system, so you can see what other people have to say and what our stuff actually looks like in the wild. And hey, if you buy something you like, you can tell everyone how great it is! 

Of course, the Templin Institute is at its core, a lore channel. If you’re interested in how the Templin Institute or Greater Terran Union operates, you’ll find a ton of new tidbits peppered in throughout our product descriptions. Reading about a hat available for sale has rarely been this interesting. 

One of our main goals with the Commissary is to regularly add new designs. Expect to see products based on Stellaris Invicta Season 2, Operation Esperanza III, and who knows what else added to the store over the next year.

If all this sounds interesting to you and you’d like to check out the store before everyone else, it is actually live exclusively to our beta testers right now! Anyone who has pledged over $25 on Patreon will be receiving early access to help find bugs, make sure everything is working correctly, and let us know if a design is ugly.

Thanks so much everyone for your support as we continue the march towards Operation Thunde- Templin 2.0. Expect more updates like this over the coming weeks detailing more changes coming to The Templin Institute!