Investigating The Nations, Factions and Organizations of Alternate Worlds

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Every Monday The Templin Institute investigates nations, organizations, and factions of alternate worlds through comprehensive documentaries detailing their history, governance, and society



Mondays | 1pm Mountain | 3pm Eastern



Investigating Alternate Worlds


Incoming is a more casual and freeform discussion in which The Templin Institute discusses some of the more overlooked or interesting aspects of alternate worlds that wouldn't necessarily fit into one of our other series. 



Investigating the Legendary Figures of Alternate Worlds


Across alternate worlds, specific individuals have risen to a place of prominence, their actions affecting the fate of countless others. In Dossier, The Templin Institute investigates these individuals, their personality, and history.



Investigating the Most Storied Places of Alternate Worlds


In Atlas, The Templin Institute investigates the the most storied cities, regions, and places. How such locations came to be and the society that might reside there. 


Investigating the Great Battles and Wars of Alternate Worlds

High Command

In High Command, the Templin Institute constructs an overview of the great battles, wars and conflicts that have shaped alternate worlds, the forces or armies involved, their strategies and tactics.




LEading the greater Terran Union to Glory

Stellaris Invicta Season 01

In Stellaris Invicta, the Templin Institute led to the “Greater Terran Union” into an uncertain future with the help of our patrons and followers on Twitch and Youtube. Through the contributions of dozens of artists and our own recorded footage, we documented an entire campaign of Stellaris in an innovative and narrative-driven fashion.

Bonus Material

GTU Commissariat Map

GTU Stellaris Mod